Récamier, Jeanne-Françoise-Julie-Adélaïde Bernard, Mme

   salon hostess
   Born in lyon, at age 15 Jeanne-Françoise-Julie-Adélaïde Bernard married a wealthy banker, Jacques Récamier. Gifted with beauty and wit, she established a salon in paris that soon became the favorite rendezvous of the foremost political and literary figures of the age, particularly the opponents of napoléon i. These included Mme de staël, rené de chateaubriand, jean-jacques ampère, benjamin constant, charles sainte-beuve, and the generals jean moreau and Charles Bernadotte (see charles XIV). She was exiled from the city in 1811 by Bonaparte for her royalist sympathies, but after his defeat, reestablished her Parisian salon, which continued to attract many notable personages. There is a famous painting of Mme Récamier by jacques-louis david in the louvre and one by ingres.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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